8 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android

If you remain worried every time and get confused about your children’s socializing timetable, because you don’t know how much time your children are spending on the internet WhatsApp is a commonly used application in your daily routine. It helps us to chat with relatives and friends at any time. But some people become addicted to WhatsApp and WhatsApp groups especially become a more worrying thing when a child becomes it’s addicted. Because they waste all their time chatting in groups or sometimes with girls and which is an unnecessary thing for them. They started to lose interest in studies and other productive activities.

In such cases, parents become more worried about their careers and future. If you are a parent and facing this issue, then stop worrying because in this I am going to show you how you can be aware of your children’s socializing period. There are some WhatsApp last seen tracker apps for android available on google and google play stores which allow us to know the time when they come online. I just want to tell you the best WhatsApp last seen tracker apps for android that all these applications are free to use. You can download it from the link. You will be able to track them, even you will get a notification.

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WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android

W-Track: Last Seen


W-Track is an application by “Universus Teknoloji Ltd”. W-Track is the best application for parents who want to be updated every time. This is a 100% working application. It only works for WhatsApp. This is not only for the child; even you can use W-Track for your friends, relatives, and girlfriends also. If you are realizing that your girl is cheating on b you. Then you must follow her and W-Track will help you to get the proof about her. It shows the online status and last seen.

There is a huge team behind this application, which gave a fast reply and took action immediately on requirements. So, if you will face any issues, you can give them feedback and will get a fast reply. It provides you with a full list of online duration times and full detail about it. W- Track is a user-friendly application specially designed for common persons. There is no chance of lags in W-Track.

Whats Agent: Online Last Seen


Whats Agent is an application on the play store which allow you to track the online/offline status of your friend, relative, and girlfriend who blocked you from his/her WhatsApp application? If someone blocks you, it’s hard to know her/his online and offline timing. But, Whats an Agent makes it much easier. It is very simple to use this application for everybody. I also want to inform you about the complete pattern to use this amazing application.

First of all download the application form link; even you can download it from the google play store. Once you download and install Whats Agent on your mobile, just open it and enter the number which you have to track. After putting the wanted number, a graph will appear on your mobile screen. When his/her number will come online it will notify and it will show that this person is online. Even it will show last seen also. It shows that this number was online a few minutes ago.

So, overall this application is worth it. Once you install it, it will never require you to update again and again. It is worth a full upgrade and high-quality features for their kind users. It also updates you with the time duration between offline and online periods. Whats Agent is presented by “PROP ART”. PROP ART is a digital app creator. I hope after all this information you understood this application very well. Drop your valuable feedback about this information in the comment box.

WatzUsage: Usage Tracker for WhatsApp


Parents are only responsible for their children’s interests, hobbies, and other particular activities. If you are a parent and reading this article then you are choosing the right way. This application will help you to be aware of your children’s legal and illegal activities. Sometimes, your children don’t want that you check their online status on WhatsApp and that’s why they block your number. Once they block you will not able to see their online status. But, WatzUsage is the king solution for this problem.

So, you can monitor every online/offline activity with just one app. It can get detail for every kind of activity of your contacts on WhatsApp. For example, if your friend or girlfriend cheating on you and not taking you much time. Then you must use WatzUsage, in this application you can see which time your friend is online and offline.

Nowfy: Last Seen Online Track


Nowfy is an amazing last seen tracker of WhatsApp available on the google play store. It has a very user-friendly and super stylish interface. Nowfy offers you additional functionality in different languages. This does not end yet, Nowfy sends you offline and online report notifications if you will switch on this feature for users. More from that you can download and get the detail that how much time and how long your friend, child, or relative remain online and offline and there is many impressive and cool features about Nowfy.

You’ll get a notification if he/she switches off the last seen option in their WhatsApp setting. You can get your wanted report by using date filters. It doesn’t matter whether your suspected contact blocked you or not. The pattern to use Nowfy is very simple. You just have to enter the number of whom status you want to check. In this list, you can enter many numbers as you want. This was the only step you have to do for your main purpose. After this first and last step, you will start receiving notifications. I just want to inform you here that Nowfy is a bit little free and a bit freer. It provides you with a free trial of 4 hours.

Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen

Chat Track

Chat Track helps you to uncover the WhatsApp activities and use periods. It offers you more free trial hours than the previous app that we discussed before in this article. The services of Chat Track Online are available 24/7 hour which is the best quality feature of this application.

This application can check three people’s status at a time. You can add any three contacts to this list to get details about that. You will get this detail in the form of the official report. Whenever your suspected contact comes online you will get a notification immediately. It has a fast complaint solving service.

So, you can set the third eye on your family members and friends. This application is offered by “Info WhatsTracker” developers. Reviews are also very positive.

LastLog – Last Seen Online Tracker


LastLog has my most personal favorite feature which is working offline. Yes, it can track the last login status without having all internet MBs. It can work on just the WhatsApp internet bundle which is a very impressive feature of this application. You can also follow in case they block you.

LastLog got 4.0 stars from its users who experienced this application on their mobile phones. There is no need to buy any subscription to use the LastLog application. It requires a 2.0 and up version, which means you can use this application on low-end mobile phones. I use this application, whenever I have to track someone’s online status and something like that.

Yansa – Tracker for WhatsApp


Yansa is another application with some different features but for some kind of purpose. Yansa is also designed for WhatsApp activities and timing tracking, which is liked by thousands of people. The main thing about Yansa is that it is not only for WhatsApp, Infect you can install this application to track Telegram also.

Yansa analyzes all the information about selecting the contact and provides you informative report about this person. It is providing a free trial for a day which is less than the previous application. But, it has amazing functionality and that’s why users are subscribing to monthly plans. The trial version is giving us a free trial day and it works 24 Hours.

Yansa has an immediately responsive system for users’ complaints. So, you can drop Feedback in the review section and you will get a reply soon. It requires a 2.0 and up version, which means you can use this application on low-end mobile phones.

waDasta – Online & Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp


waDasta application is offered by dnz apps. waDasta got 5 stars from users which is evidence of the perfection of the waDasta application. It requires a 5.0 and up version. It works almost the same as Yansa and other applications. You can keep your children safe from over usage of social media.

Sometimes, don’t know that our children use social media which may dangerous for their mental health. Some children lose their seeing ability in little age due to over usage of social media and screens. The screen is one of the biggest reasons for children’s mental diseases. So we should care about that and have to be responsible for them.

waDasta is a need of every parent in this modern and technical era. Everything you need is present in this epic application. Apart from this waDasta is available for android and iPhone users. Before starting to use this application you have to allow some permission, which makes you able to use this app properly. It depends upon you how much you want to use this application.

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