How to Watch Live Cricket Matches On Android Phone

A sport is the most important part of our life. There are some kinds of people who don’t imagine their lives without sports and games. Most people play games and enjoy sports, but some people enjoy sports on screens. Cricket is the most demanding and favorite game all over the world. Whenever the cricket league starts in countries then fans become more excited to watch this exciting game in stadiums and on the big screen.

There are different sports channels all over countries broadcasting matches lives but these channels are available only on TV. Sometimes we don’t have a TV facility everywhere and want to enjoy matches on mobile phones. But don’t know how to exactly watch cricket matches live on android phones.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you how to watch live cricket matches on your android phone. There are different apps that allow you to watch live cricket matches on android phones without any paid subscription. These apps are available on different sites and on the google play store, and you can download these apps from the given links in this article.

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Watch Live Cricket Matches On Android Phone

HD Streamz

hd streamz apk sink

HD Streamz best android app for watching all matches live. There are thousands of people are using this app to enjoy matches live. It is a most trusted app for watching matches live on android phones. There is the threat of leakage of data from the phone. HD Streamz is a fully protected app. Even live streaming of PSL, IPL is also available in this amazing app. It is an app that allows you to access different TV channels infect you can watch movies also in these apps. You have many options in this application to choose your favorite sports channel.

You can watch matches live without any cash payment to the owners of HD Streamz. It is free of cost. Cricket matches always remain #1 in the sports category. It allows you to access many channels from the whole world. You can say that it is a combo package for mobile users. HD Streamz offers you to access more than 1000 channels around the world. You can watch romantic, action, thriller movies and shows. Even you can watch wrestling also which is the favorite show of people these days.



cricbuzz apk sink

Cricbuzz is one of the most famous websites to get score updates. This website is on top of my list because it deserves to be at the top. Cricbuzz is also available in the form of an app. So, if you want to use it on mobile then you can download this app from the given link in this article. If you will download this application on your mobile, then you will be able to be updated within a single click. Cricbuzz is an Indian platform for streaming matches scored live.

There are pros and cons also in this website like others. Cricbuzz banned PSL (Pakistan Super League) and if you want to enjoy PSL matches then you have to visit other websites for these matches. Cricbuzz is not only for live broadcasting of match scores infect it updates you about all the matches schedule. It has all updates and news about matches schedule, players, and drafts.

Let’s talk about reviews by the audience, which are very impressive. People gave a review that Cricbuzz is the best platform to be updated to match in less data usage. The most important thing about Cricbuzz is that is free of cost.

Live NetTV

livenet tv apk sink

Live NetTV is an app that helps you to watch movies, dramas, shows, and different kinds of programs on the go. A few years back, it was impossible to watch favorite TV channels live on mobile and during traveling. Now it becomes possible and much easier to watch all this kind of stuff on your mobile phones. It all becomes possible due to some apps which help you to watch all TV channels live. Yes, I am talking about Live NetTV. Live NetTV is an app that allows you to enjoy and entertain yourself while you don’t have access to your favorite TV channels. This app doesn’t require a high amount of space to execute on your mobile.

Live NetTV is executable for low-end mobiles also due to its low size which is only 24.6MB size. It makes you able to watch over 700+ channels in one app. After all this information, if you are interested to get this application on your mobile phone, you have to visit the official site of “Live NetTV” developers and download from the given link also, because it’s not available on the google play store.

It has a strong connection with all the TV channels which are streaming on Live NetTV, even the quality of video resolution remains the same as the original video resolution while streaming on TV. But here we are only to talk about watching cricket matches live.



hotstar apk sink

Hotstar is the most trusted, famous, and viral application which provides you with every kind of TV show, drama, Movie, and thrilling show. Hotstar is an Indian app and one of the biggest movie streaming apps. All the main channels sports are available on Hotstar, so we can easily access all sports channels’ HD quality. If you are fan also a fan of the IPL league then you must install Hotstar. Because Hotstar is the most popular and trusted source to watch live cricket matches on android phones.

If you are an iPhone user then Hotstar is also able to execute on iPhone. It is not completely free, some of those features are premium while the most commons are free of cost. Even the cricket sports channels are also free which is the best facility for sports lovers. Before it was named only “Hotstar” but now the full name of this application is “Disney + Hotstar”. If you live in Pakistan and want to watch matches live on Hotstar, then you have to follow some steps to watch matches live.

First of all, download the VPN from this link and install it on your smartphone. Once you install the VPN, open it and switch the location to India, then you will get access to this platform.


Sony LIV

sonyliv app

Sony LIV is one of the biggest streaming platforms in all of India owned by Sony Pictures Network India. Sony LIV was launched by Sony Network India. Sony Corporation is the owner of the Sony LIV streaming platform. Sony LIV is available in all languages of the Indian state. It is the perfect platform for every sports lover to purchase the It is also free and paid like Hotstar but both platforms are different from each other. Some of the features are free while some of those features are paid for due to some additional benefits.

Sony LIV is banned in Pakistan because it is an Indian platform and owned by an Indian company. Even if you are from another country except for India then you should connect to an Indian IP address. Sony LIV plays the main role in watching matches live on android and iPhone.

Sony LIV also has one of the biggest achievements, which is the first OTT service provider in India. Whenever you use this application, you get in touch with all newcomer web series, shows, and movies. It not only streams cricket matches infect it streams all types of sports matches like badminton, Martial arts hockey, and football. But, in this application ad comes again and again for free for users who didn’t pay a subscription.


Willow TV

willow tv app

Cricket is the only sport that we don’t want to miss, even a single action and that’s why I have a willow TV application for all of you. Willow TV is an application that takes over your match experience on another level. The main feature of this application is that you can watch the match on Chromecast. There is another feature of reminder matches time. You can set a reminder on your favorite match; it will notify you when the match will start. Some of those matches are free whereas the other main matches are included in the premium list.

If you are interested to watch all matches then you should buy a monthly subscription. It provides you full enjoyment like official TV channels because on Willow TV you can watch replays also after impressive or suspenseful shots. If you are only interested in in-game action then you can hide the projected score and watch the full-screen match. There are lots of choices and features available on Willow TV.


Tata Sky Mobile

tata sky app

Tata Sky Mobile is like a “combo package app” for every user from the whole world. It provides you with sports, news, entertainment, and everything you want to watch on your mobile screens. Once you install the Tata Sky Mobile application on your android phone, you just convert your mobile into a pocket TV, which is the best thing about Tata Sky Mobile.

There are different channels from all over the world with different languages which makes it easy to understand for every user. If you are fond of web series and TV shows, then it will be also a better choice for you. If you are busy and do not have much time to watch your favorite content then you have the choice to download and watch it later. Overall, Tata Sky Mobile has everything which you are looking for.


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