How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone

In the old eras, internet facility was a luxury. He/she was lucky who have an internet approach. But in this digital era internet connection is a need. Every single person needs an internet connection to keep awareness of friends, relatives, and all over the world. This is the modern generation and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp are important parts of our lives.

Everyone checks their social media accounts after waking up and for using these social media accounts we need a solid internet connection. Only in big cities is internet supports very well while in small towns and villages the internet connection made everyone angry. If you are one of those who suffer from these problems, then I have a piece of good news for you. In this article, I am going to share how to increase internet speed on Android phones?

There are two best ways to improve your internet speed. Firstly, you can improve your internet connection with the help of some apps that allow you to boost your speed. While in 2nd way you can increase internet connection to follow some tips and trick. In this article, I will cover both ways and that will help you a lot to improve your internet connection. Let’s start with tips and tricks.

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How to Increase Internet Speed on Android?

Restart your Mobile

Sometimes after lots of use of mobile, our mobile doesn’t work properly. Some apps don’t respond properly and our mobile phone does not provide a needy internet connection. Its solution is very simple. You just have to restart your mobile phone. After restarting the device it will provide a full internet connection. Here I want to tell you the most important thing about this trick. Our 99% person could be solved by just a simple restart to our device. This was the simplest trick ever to boost your internet speed. Now let’s move to the next tip to increase your internet speed.

Update to Latest Version

Sometimes we didn’t update our mobile phones after the required update. Due to this, mobile phone apps do not work properly. Some social media apps lag while executing just like WhatsApp, and Facebook. So, we should update mobile phones after the required for the new version. Whenever you will update your phone, it will work like a new high-end device.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

It often happened that our unwanted apps used use mobile data every time. It often happens that our unused apps used more of our data, even though we don’t know. If you have some apps that you don’t use regularly on daily basis then you must disable these apps. There is also the most important thing which we don’t care about. Our mobile and internet speed also depends on the memory card that we use on our mobile phones. So, that’s why we should use the high-speed memory card to boost internet performance.

Close Background Apps

Whenever we recently use some social media apps and move to the next app then we don’t close to the previous apps which use our internet data until we close it. Then, they cause a shortage of internet speed. So, we must close all apps from recent apps. This simple trick will help you a lot.

Clean Internal Memory

Some low-end mobile phones have small space internal memory. After the full use of this internal memory, it doesn’t work support to their mobiles properly which the lag of mobile and social media apps. Now it’s our responsibility to make sure that our mobile’s internal memory is not full. We should clear some space.

Install apps from Trusted Sources

All those apps are fake and we download them from unknown sources. Due to this, the virus is also included in our mobile phones and makes our devices harmful.

Reset your Network Setting

Sometimes, you set the network on a 4G network but it works on 3G and 2G. It all happens just because of the mixed-up setting. There is only one best solution to solve this problem which is reset to the network setting.

Apps to Increase Internet Speed on Android

Now move to the next step which is another way to keep our mobile’s internet speed faster. In this way, I have some apps for you that will help you a lot.

Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping

Net Optimizer

It is an app that provides internet speed like a 5G network. In this app, you just have to find the best network server according to your location and then connect with a server. If you like games and want to enjoy games with the best internet speed then you must install this amazing software that provides you best gaming experience.

It also increases the browsing speed which helps you to search fast and make your research easy. It is supportive for 3G, 4G, and 5G. It can connect with the fastest DNS server with just one touch. This one is a very useful feature. The overall interface of Net Optimizer is very colorful and stylish and suits every mobile look.


Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is an antivirus developer company that makes antivirus software for both Desktop and Android. We can use Avast antivirus in mobiles also to protect our devices from unwanted data (virus). Avast company also launch an app that works like a cleaner which was named “Avast cleanup”. The pattern to use this cleaner app is easy like hot cake. Every common person can use it very well.


Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster

As we use stabilizer for heavy electronics like the Freezer and other big appliances to increase the amount of electricity that help those appliances to work properly. This app is also a kind of stabilizer that increases internet speed on our mobile phones and allows our mobile app to work properly. It makes our browsing experience very well. If you are interested in this app and want to install it on your mobile phone then you can download it from the given link.

The interface of the connection stabilizer booster is a bit difficult to understand for the common person, but the average person can understand it easily. This is not such a type of app that harms your device. Infect, is available on the google play store which is safe for every device. It got a 3.7-star rating on the play store by the user. It has the smallest size ever just 3.4M.


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