How to Download TikTok Video Without Watermark

TikTok is the most viral social media platform. Many people spent their free time watching TikTok and save these videos on their phones for later watch. But, there are some kinds of people like me who become irritated with moving watermark on TikTok. Most people set their stories and status on different types of TikTok videos and sometimes they don’t want the username and watermark in the video.

Are you searching for how to download TikTok video without Watermark? Don’t worry, in this blog post, you’ll get a responsive solution to this problem. There are so many ways to remove the watermark from TikTok, but I will share only the easiest ways to get rid of this irritating watermark. I hope these tricks will help you a lot.

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How to Download TikTok Video Without Watermark?


SnapTik is a website that allows you to download TikTok videos without Watermark. This is a simple way to download the TikTok video without a watermark. You just have to open google and type “SnapTik” on the search bar then you will easily find this website on the first page. SnapTik’s website has a simple template that is easy to understand. Every common person who didn’t use any site before can download video from SnapTik easily.

Most apps use for this purpose require specific apps to download and install to download TikTok videos without watermark. But, it never requires any type of app for this need. SnapTik only requires the link of that video which you just want to download the video watermark. SnapTik is completely free for everyone. There is no requirement for any particular subscription. Let me tell you the exact way to download the TikTok video without a watermark from SnapTik. It saves your biggest amount of internet bundle that uses other apps to download this video.

Infect, save the video in full resolution and impressive quality where the other local apps don’t save this. The biggest feature of SnapTik is that you can download “Musically” videos also which is a great benefit of this site. SnapTik is the best website and that’s why it has Adsense Approval. This is proof of the perfection of SnapTik.

Mav Export

This trick is especially for iPhone users. For this purpose, you have to download the Mav Export shortcut in your shortcut for saving videos. For this, go to add shortcut and search for Mav Export. Once you found this shortcut, you have to tap on “Add Untrusted Shortcut”. After clicking on this it will be added to your iPhone’s shortcut. Now follow the following trick and save any video which you like to download. Find the video, tap on the arrow icon in the TikTok app, and then you will see the links of some sharing apps that you have installed in your iPhone videos for a different purpose.

Don’t tap into any social media app, infect go to the last option “Others” and press this one. After tapping on the other option the list of different features will appear. In this feature, you will see the shortcut “Mav Export” which you just add now. Click on this shortcut. It will save your following video automatically. I think this is the easiest way ever to download videos without a watermark. Because in this method you can save it without accessing any app or site. You can save the video in the TikTok app and this is the fastest way ever we discuss it.

Use if SnapTik doesn’t work due to any technical issue. is another website that helps every single user to download the TikTok video without the TikTok logo. It has also the same procedure as SnapTik to save videos from the TikTok video. It doesn’t matter that you are using the TikTok app or web. You just copy the TikTok video link and paste it into and press the download logo on the next side of the search bar. Find your favorite video of your favorite influencer which you want to download. In this social media era, every 2nd person is fond of shorts clips.

According to the survey, shorts videos become most viral than other long-duration videos. So it happens every time that when someone likes any video then they want to download this video for later watch. But some kinds of the person like me become irritated by the TikTok logo and don’t want this logo in the downloaded video. I also put TikTok videos on status and stories on different social media platforms. There are many people like me in this world who like these short videos and love to set on stories. Sometimes, we don’t want the username due to some privacy and something like that. It may be an issue. is a website that you will find in the first 5 numbers of google’s first pages. The user, who wants to download a video from, must accept the terms and privacy. Every site requires accepting their terms and policy if you have to use the service of that website.

TikMate is also available in the form of an app. But in-app, the name is changed and it is named Snapx in the mobile experience. It allows the user to save TikTok video in HD quality. After downloading the video without a watermark, you can upload this same video from your profile and add your logo, infect you can also post it on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Sometimes, we don’t like the creator of the video, but like his/her video.

This website provides you with a great opportunity. Copy the following video, you want to download and put it in the search box of Tikmate online. after this process, you just have to click on “Download Video Without Watermark. The Tikmate app also works like this method to download the TikTok method. The perfection of video depends on video resolution and HD quality.

Other local sites claim to download videos without a logo, but it reduces the video quality. But, on this site “TikMate.Online” just forget about the fear that your will following video will be downloaded in low quality. That’s why you must use this site to save videos.

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