How To Download GTA 5 For Free on PC and Laptop

Entertainment is the only part of the day that we want and enjoyed a lot. Most people spend their free time playing games on a laptop, computer, and mobile phone. There are most of the other popular games people played a lot like PUBG, FreeFire, and other famous games. GTA is also one of the biggest game series. Almost every 2nd online player plays these games and spends their free time. GTA 5 is part of this games series.

GTA 5 is the only game which played most all over the world. Most YouTubers play this game, record, and upload on their channels. They are making money through this gameplay and also enjoying it. GTA 5 is developed by Rockstar games. Rockstar games are the studio that developed the whole game series and now updating these series after the specified interval. Rockstar games are an American publisher based in New York City.

So, let’s get started with our discussion on how to download GTA 5 for free on PC and laptop.


This masterpiece game is developed by the Rockstar games studios. The development process of this game was started after the release of GTA VI in 2008. GTA 5 is developed by more than one team. Rockstar North’s team and Rockstar game’s effort together and make this game better. Overall, this game develops by more than 1000 people. Both these studios are experts in the game development profession.

GTA 5 is developed after the long effort of both these incredible studios. There is another most useful thing that creators develop the shortcuts key in this game. You can get more things with the help of pressing shortcut keys one after another. There is also the most interesting fact that I like a lot about this gameplay. Los Santos is one of the most interesting places in GTA 5. This place is designed by the idea of Google Maps of Los Angles.

Rockstar developers create this game with a lot of interesting facts that everyone loves. It is fulfilled with adventure and action. You can play this game online with multiple players that will be your crime partner in your every single mission. It is a mission-based game. GTA 5 is the 7th and most important part of GTA (Grand Theft Auto).


Graphics of GTA 5 is on another level, they represent all the places and facts like reality. You will feel like that you are playing in the real world. There are thousands of characters are available in this masterpiece game. I also play this game to spend my free time. GTA 5 is the winner of Spike video game 2012. GTA 5 is also the winner of the 31st Golden joystick award. This is not the end yet. This game wins the ultimate awards related to the gaming world. It is an incredible game that was developed by the 1000 games. When you will play this game, you will feel that you are having action in your real life. Rockstar games studio updates the states and different places after a specific time.


You can control the whole gameplay with different keys of your keyboard and with a gaming mouse. I am going to share some control button and their functions. There are “W, A, S, D” keys that help you to move the character forward, backward, right, and left. These keys are the main control keys in any type of video game. If you want to enter or exit from any vehicle, then you have to press the “F” key for that purpose.

The “R” key is always used to reload all types of guns in your character’s hands. “Space” key plays two different roles in GTA 5. The first one you can jump with the space key while you are walking through steps. But, on the other “Space” key works like a handbrake when you are riding a bike or any vehicle. “R” key sets the aim on your target an open scope of your current weapon.

You can say that the L key works like a trigger in GTA 5 for you. Shooting is the main and important part of the game that we played on our PC and laptop all the time. Shooting is the only reason that helps us a lot to survive a long time in every single gameplay. There are large numbers of key shortcuts available on the internet that helps you to play this game with ease. Even I can’t describe all the shortcut keys in this single article.

They are other numerous keys that allow you to record the game while you were playing and enjoying it. The F1 key is similar to the Space key which plays two different roles with the same key. When you’ll press F1 the first time, then the recording will be starting and after pressing it again the recording will stop automatically.

Download GTA 5 for Free on PC and Laptop

Most people want to download this game on their laptop and PC, but don’t know how to exactly download this game. In this article, I am going to show you how anyone can download GTA 5 for free on PC and laptop. You can download GTA 5 in many ways, but in this article, I am going to share the easiest idea. With this idea, you can download GTA 5 on your computer with ease.

Ocean of games

Ocean of games is an amazing platform that allows you to download all types of Pc games. Ocean of games is a website specially designed for computer and laptop games. You just have to follow a few steps to download the game from this site. Firstly, open chrome and search for the ocean of games. You will see several sites on your screen.

Simply, click the first website appearing on your computer screen. After opening this website, you will see the number of games there. Simply, click on the search bar and type “GTA 5”. You will see that couple of games related to GTA will appear on your screen. But, you have to choose the real GTA 5 and press on download. After pressing download once, it will shift you to another web page. Simply click on download again and your GTA file will be starting to download.


After download, install on your laptop and PC and play with confidence.

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