5 Best Video Editing Software For Laptop and PC

Video editing is one of the tough skills these days. Everyone wants to learn video editing, but these people need the best video editing software. You need editing software that allows you to edit like a pro. There are lots of editing software available on different websites, but it’s difficult to choose the perfect editing software. After mine couple of hour’s research, I found the best video editing software for laptop and PC.

This software can work smoothly on low-end system machines. If you are interested in video editing, then I hope you already know that your cinematography always depends on editing. So, if your editing is not perfect then your storyteller will not be in the right direction. I just want to share the 5 best video editing software and hope it will be helpful for you to choose the best video editor. Let’s move to those video editing software.

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Best Video Editing Software For Laptop


Shotcut is video editing software that can easily work on low-end PC. On the other hand, it has cons also. This editing software was developed in 2004. This editing software is free of cost and everyone can use it. I have a list of pros of shotcut editing software. There is one most interesting fact about shotcut is that it never requires to sing in from the user. All the features of shotcut are free and it has no premium version. If you were using KineMaster before and don’t want a watermark in the video’s output, then a shotcut is best for you. Shotcut is best for you if you are a beginner in video editing because it is easy to use.

A common person can edit videos full of perfection with this video editing software. Most people search on the internet whether shotcut software is best or not and the answer is “Yes”. Because shotcut have all the basic editing skills developer are updating this software to continue to make it more perfect. That’s why I decided to include this application in the best editing software list.

Wondershare Filmora

In this digital era, using mobile phones, tablets, and laptops video editing is the most common skill and easy. In this topic of best editing software, Wondershare Filmora plays a huge role. This software is also one of the most demanding software. Filmora also has pros and cons. In this editing software, you can import and export external files with ease. The most important thing is that editing software is free to use. This is the reason why most people are using Filmora. We can add the most charming effects and transitions while editing videos. It doesn’t require you to highly practice to be a master.

Thousands of filters are available in Filmora. It has VFX effects also which allow you to edit your videos with a green screen. Filmora has cons also because; sometimes it lags instantly while editing audio tracks. Filmora doesn’t provide you with any feature to improve your audio quality. The developers of Filmora need to add some improving features.


As word of this editing software indicates its name too. Lightworks is the best software for all newcomer video editors. Most professional video editors write their experience with Lightworks software. They also write pros and cons about Lightworks. Let me share their thought with you. According to their thoughts, Lightworks is easy to use and saves their time during the editing of videos.

We cannot compete for this software with Adobe Premium editor. The smoothness of cutting videos is very easy like hot cake. It provides you next zone to edit videos. Lightworks has more specialties that attract other video editors to adopt this quality editing program.


Most of the professional video editors are earning from PowerDirector by video editing skills. So, that’s why I include this software in the 5 best video editing software. People love the flexibility and smoothness of PowerDirector. You can say that PowerDirector is the king of all these editing software. There are different subscription packages for use of PowerDirector. But, we can use this PowerDirector without any particular subscription. Whenever you will open PowerDirector it will ask you to choose video screen resolution.

PowerDirector provides the trial version of 28 days. After that, it will ask you to purchase the subscription. But, you can this trial version again after uninstalling and reinstalling PowerDirector. The trial version provides you with some tricks which help you to remove its watermark. It has a list of the panel in which you can use different effects to add to your videos.

Not only this, but the text panel facility is also available in this incredible software. Audio effects are available which ask you on which timeline you want to add an audio track. You can directly voice over your videos in PowerDirector with ease. In PowerDirector, we can add our favorite plug-in. Let’s jump to our last and final video editor.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere Pro is the No 1 video editor among all these video editor software. This editing program is part of Adobe’s products. It allows you to edit the highest video resolution. 4k editing is not a big matter for Adobe premiere pro. You can perform sound mixing tasks with ease. If you are a podcaster and have a YouTube channel, then it is the perfect software ever for you.

Adobe premiere requires proper training to use this software because a common person without skills is not able to use this software. So, you need to be an expert in Adobe Premiere video editor software if you want to use this software. It also allows you to edit in 3D in the only case while you using a 2D monitor.

You can imagine the perfection level of this software from this that Adobe Premier pro is most used in the film industry. Now you can understand that it is a complete program for any professional level creator. It helps you to show your cinematography talent. Here I want to add some important facts about Adobe Premier Pro that After the effect is also a member of Adobe’s family. You can also check After effect video editor software.

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