10 Best Scanner Apps for Android in 2023

In the digital age, all paper-based media has been eliminated, now all paper-based work is done in digital format as it is the easiest. Before the revolution of android, it can be done with special printers that scan each sheet one by one. But it was a time-consuming method, and these printers are the most expensive.

Nowadays some apps are available on the internet, which can be directly used on your android devices. In this post, we reviewed the 10 best scanner apps for android in 2023, which help you to scan any document like an expensive machine. So, you don’t need to buy an expensive printer for this purpose.

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Best Scanner Apps for Android


CamScanner is one of the best scanner apps for android. It turns your phone into a powerful text detector (OCR) that automatically detects text, improves performance, and saves your time. Download the CamScanner app from the given link below to quickly scan text in PDF, JPG, PNG, Word, or TXT formats. You can also save and share your scanned documents in just one click.

To scan any type of document you just need to install and open the CamScanner app and start scanning the text using your phone or tablet camera. With the OCR feature, you can easily scan any image or PDF text that is editable or searchable.


  • Quickly scan documents
  • Improve scan quality
  • Easy to use
  • Share documents in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats
  • Secure documents to set the password

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the best free scanner app that allows you to scan multiple files, documents, and images in PDF and JPG formats. It is a highly intelligent scanner app that automatically detects a document and scans it. All you have to do is bring your camera to the document then this scanner will automatically scan whatever you want to scan.

It allows you to rearrange, color, scan, and merge multiple pages into one PDF file. Moreover, It has built-in automated recognition text (OCR) that allows you to save, share and send your scanned files via WhatsApp and email. The great thing about Adobe Scan is that it is free.


  • High-quality scanning
  • Use 100% free without ads
  • Built-in OCR
  • Merge multiple pages into a single file
  • Clean up your scans

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is the easy-to-use scanner app that quickly scans your documents like a printer machine and exports them into JPEG and PDF files. It belongs to the business category and was developed by The Grizzly Labs. The app detects documents quickly and does a great job of automatic cropping. After automatic cropping, you will rarely feel the need to adjust the dimensions manually.

In addition, it has advanced document editing features such as shadow removal, filters, batch scanning, document splitting & merging, multi-page PDF creation, and much more. The app works great when it comes to clearing documents. Overall, this is a good app on the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  • OCR (auto-text recognition) built-in feature
  • Multi-page PDF creation
  • Remove document background
  • Correction of distortion
  • Edit documents

Notebloc Scanner

Notebloc Scanner is another document scanner app for android offered by Notebloc company in Barcelona. It is a 100% free scanner app with built-in OCR for more than 18 international languages that automatically detects these languages and scans them. It allows you to scan multiple pages with its multiple-page scan feature.

In addition, it removes shadows and gives a natural look to the document. Users can resize the document directly from the settings. The scanned documents can be saved or shared directly to email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


  • Supports 18 different languages
  • Scanned documents can be saved as PDF or JPEG
  • Create folders for better organization
  • Rename documents
  • Shadow removal
  • Merge multiple PDF files into a single file


ScreenOCR is also one of the best scanner apps for android developed by Vertexshare Software Ltd. It allows you to support recognize more than 50 languages from images and translate more than 20 languages. It turns your phone into a high-quality scanner. Just take a picture of the document or image you want to scan, its OCR automatically scans the text.

Its free version is ad-supported and you can get 6 credits free daily. You can earn more credit by watching ads. You can upgrade ScreenOCR to the pro version for just $49.9 for a lifetime. Its monthly and yearly plans are also available.


  • Scan handwriting to text
  • Auto scanning and cropping
  • Store your recent history
  • Convert text to PDF or JPEG
  • Supports more than 50 languages
  • Privacy protection


TapScanner is the best document scanner app that helps scan, save and print documents in PDF and JPG. It has been developed by Tap-Mobile and belongs to the business category. Its built-in filters improve the quality of the scanned document and give it a professional look.

To scan documents, you must allow some permissions to your mobile device’s camera. Then the lens must point to the document so that it is fully framed.

After capturing the picture, you need to select the image area with the help of blue dots. Its OCR automatically crops the image and quickly scans it. You can also improve the contrast and sharpness of scanned documents.


  • Perfect scanning with filters
  • Compress PDF size
  • Protect your documents
  • Edit scanned document
  • Convert files PDF to Docs and vice versa
  • Share documents

Simple Scan

The Simple Scan is also the best scanner app for android that turns your mobile phone into a portable scanner. It allows you to scan documents, and images and converts them into PDF or JPEG files. It is listed in the business category and developed by Easy Inc. It supports android 4.4 and above.

In addition, a simple scanner uploads PDF and JPG files automatically to the cloud disk. It backup and restore scanned files into multiple devices. You can quickly search any file or folder by adding tags.

It is possible to scan multiple pages of documents. For this, you need to switch the multi-page scanning mode from the toolbar. It is also possible to scan QR codes from the app. It allows you to copy the scanned text to the clipboard and paste it anywhere. You can protect your files by creating a password.


  • Automatically remove the background
  • Set any page size (legal, A4, etc)
  • List or a thumbnail view of files
  • Sorted by name or date
  • Protect documents using a password
  • Quick search
  • Connects wifi directly to your computer

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is the best scanning app for android users which is designed by Microsoft Corporation. By using this, you can easily scan documents or images and convert them into PDF, Word, PPT, JPG, or handwritten text. Also, you can save scanned files to OneDrive cloud storage or your local device and share them on email, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform.

To use this app, you need to allow some permissions to the camera of your phone. Then you can capture the picture on the sheet of paper. Its OCR automatically detects scans and crops the image. After that, you will be able to adjust the colors, and background and add filters.


  • Scan printed or handwritten text perfectly
  • It works offline
  • Draw signature on document with finger or styles
  • Support multipage documents scanning mode
  • Save business cards in the contact list
  • Voiceover for text is also supported


Another best app for scanning documents is SwiftScan which is offered by Maple Media. You can create high-quality PDF & JPG scans with just one click. You can share files via email, or fax or upload them to Dropbox, or Google Drive. It is specially designed for beginners and very easy to use. This PDF scanner app gained 4.5 ratings on the google play store, that why it became the editor’s choice.

SwiftScan’s built-in OCR automatic text recognition is excellent. Its auto-upload feature is also outstanding. Other than scanning, you can scan also QR codes or barcodes. It is also possible to edit documents and select beautiful themes.


  • Premium quality scanning
  • Choose beautiful designs
  • Easy to use
  • Support multiple cloud services
  • Document privacy
  • High-quality scanning

Document Scanner (Doc Scanner)

Last but not least, The Document Scanner app is one of the most popular scanner apps for android developed by Lufick. It helps to scan any image, whiteboard, or handwritten accurately, and convert them into PDF, Word, or JPG. Its built-in editor, OCR, and automatic edge cropping features are outstanding. It compresses images in the correct format without losing quality.

Documents Scanner supports several filters and effects to change the color, background, and styles of images. It also supports various modes for different purposes, such as multipage scanning, scanning books, scanning QR codes or barcodes, and so on. It is also possible to save the scanned image to a phone gallery.


  • Enhance the scanning quality
  • Optimize your image
  • Arrange files into folders and sub-folders
  • Clear and sharp PDF scan
  • Convert PDF into different sizes (legal, A1, A2,…..A6)
  • Password protection
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