Best Male to Female Voice Changer Apps For WhatsApp

Pranks are one of the most important parts of entertainment. Everyone from us wants to send a voice message in a girl’s voice on WhatsApp and messenger to our relatives and friends for entertainment purposes. That’s why they start searching for the best male to female voice changer apps for WhatsApp on the internet. But, for this purpose, we need such an amazing app that helps us to change our voice. I found some incredible apps for lots of research and decide to share them with all of you guys. After 24 hours of research, I found some best male to female voice changer apps that help you a lot to change your voice.

There are a couple of apps available on the google play store, but they didn’t work properly. They can’t change your voice like a real girl’s voice. I want to share those apps which convert your voice into an actual girl’s voice. These voice changers apps also work on iPhones. This article is going to be very amazing. You don’t have to go on another platform to download these apps. You can download these best male to female voice changer apps from our given link in this article.

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Best Male to Female Voice Changer

Voice Changer – Audio Effect

Voice Changer – Audio Effect

Voice changer is an app developed by super effect studio. This app can convert your voice with multiple effects. You can edit the voice with your own favorite effect voice changer. The interesting thing is that it is free. There are 20 types of effects in this application that are free of cost. There is no need for any particular subscription to use these effects.

The interface of the voice changer – The audio effect is super stylish and it increases the beauty of your mobile app’s look. So, it can be a showpiece for your mobile interface. We can say that it is in all apps because we can add all types of voice effects. It doesn’t matter how much a high-quality phone you are using recording voice. It works well on just a simple and basic microphone.

You can customize your voice’s frequency, echo, pitch, and everything you want. You will get high-quality voice results from this application. You can add bass into your voice and also remove it. Voice changer – The audio effect can change your voice in a girl’s voice in different ways. Girls are also having different tones of voice, so you can select your own choice.


Prank Dial

Prank Dial

Prank Dial can change your voice in different types. If you are Prankster and make prank videos then you must use this quality app. Prank Dial got a 3-point rating star on the google play store. You can directly make the call from this incredible application. It provides you with the feature to save prank calls in prank history. Other users who already use this application post their prank calls on this Prank Dial.

After editing your voice in the Prank dial app, you can share it on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. So in this way will be able to make money from these edited prank calls. Robot sound effect is also available here for you guys. It is only usable in some particular states and in such places where pranks are legal, but in some regions pranks are illegal. So, Prank Dial is one of the most famous social media apps, especially for the prankster.


Girl Voice Changer – Edit Pitch & Sound Update

Girl Voice Changer

The app name is mostly similar to the first app and the work is also the same. But there is a change in this app, that you can make prank calls with a better experience. It provides you with the perfect zone, where you can easily change your voice into a girl’s voice. The pattern to use this application is very simple, even everybody can use this with a basic app using knowledge.

Just download the app from the link, and download and install it on your mobile phone. Open the app and allow some requirements. Later, tap to record your voice in this application. Now you have to speak that stuff, which you have to change in different voices. After recording, you can edit different types of given effects in this voice changer app. You can choose your favorite one and save it in your mobile gallery.

It also provides you with the feature to share these funny voice things with your friends and relatives on different types of social media apps. Almost all types of age sound effects are available in this application. So, here you can convert your voice into different tones like a child, teen, adult, and mature. Even you can edit your voice in different age tones, which is a good feature of this app.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice Changer is the app that changes your voice in celebrity voice’s tone. All biggest celebrity tone effects are added to this application from developers. It changes your voice in the biggest hero and hereon. This application can be a source of enjoyment for you. Because you can talk to your friends like celebrities and make them stupid. Even you can talk about the infamous actress’s voice which is a very cool fact about this application.

It is free of cost app including ads. This is not a full stop; you can even convert your voice to infamous politicians like Obama, Imran Khan, and other popular politicians. Celebrity voice changer has 38 Mb size. If you want to run this application on your device, then you should have a 6.0 and up version of android. It almost got 50000 + downloader on google play store.

Now celebrity voice changer works on the 1.0 version. This voice changer app got a 4-star rating on the google play store from their user. The developers of this application state that it is designed for entertainment purposes only. So, we should also use it for entertainment.

No one should use this application to threaten anyone. It spread negativity all over the world, so we should avoid this. Coming back to the topic, if you are looking for an app that helps you to change your voice into different effects then, you must use this celebrity voice change app. It was updated last time in January 2022.
So, it was the result according to our point of view.


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