The Best Laptop for Students in 2023

If you are looking for the best cheap laptop under your budget, then you are on the right blog post. Here I am going to share the cheapest collection of the best laptop for students in 2023. In this technical era, laptops and PC become the most important part of our lives. Whenever you have a laptop, you can make interesting and impressive assignments and notes digitally which makes you able to represent in class proudly.

I can’t describe the need for these technical gadgets in students’ lives. PC is also good but the laptop provides you with full freedom. Laptops are best, just because of the portable facility. You can carry it wherever you want and allow you to do your work anywhere. It is not important where you are at that time. 

The laptop is the only source that allows you to research deeply about your topic and helps you to discover more ideas. So, that was a little bit of explanation to inform you about the importance of laptops in student’s life.

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What is the best laptop?

Whenever we think about laptops, suddenly Macbook Air and other biggest laptop of Hp and Razor came into our mind. But, then the other important thing came to our mind that these laptops are not for every common person. Just because of common person can’t afford these laptops. But, if we talk about students’ laptops, then a cheap and average laptop brand can be the best laptop for students. Because, students don’t have to perform high operations, they just have to research their relevant topics. Students’ laptops must have good battery power to make sure for their long work. There are different kinds of laptops are available in the market under the cheapest budgets as well as you want. let’s know about these cheap laptops for students.

Best Laptop for Students

Micromax Canvax LT666

According to my point of view, Micromax Canvax LT666 is the cheapest laptop ever for students with lots of features. It has very lightweight and is easy to carry everywhere. It comes with Windows 10 operating system. The display size is also enough for students’ needs. 

Resolution Supported

The resolution of this machine is epic. Micromax Canvax LT666 is supported 1280-800, which is more than enough for every type of college student. So it can play videos of 1080p very smoothly. 1080 resolution is full HD quality for an average experience. Games have much importance in student life. Every student wants to enjoy free time playing games. But this laptop is not supportive of high games due to its specification. It will not allow you to play high-quality games like PUBG, FreeFire, Call of Duty, etc. 


Specs of Micromax Canvax LT666 will fulfil the needs of students. It has 10.10 inches display which is the best size for every common person. It comes with Intel Atom core 4th generation and the memory of 2GB RAM. 2GB RAM is not the best RAM for the ultra experience. If you don’t want this memory in Micromax then you have the choice to install a high amount of RAM in your machine. It’s all depends upon your budget. Now let’s talk about my favourite part of any laptop and PC. 

It is supportive of Intel Integrated HD Graphics. Graphics experience in this machine is normal but still good for students. With the help of this laptop, you can video chat on a different social media platform. It has also a webcam on the top of the screen, which makes you able to video chat. There is no SSD drive inside Micromax Canvas LT666. You can install it later if you want to. 

Battery Power

It has 7700mAh power which allows you to use a laptop for a long time. It boosts your browsing and searching experience. The battery timing of our laptops has a deep effect on our daily routine. Sometimes, low battery capacity makes us frustrated and irritating to charge it again and again. It seems tough duty to charge the battery multiple times. But don’t worry; this machine has very friendly battery timing. 

HP Envy 13

HP Envy 13 is the best laptop ever for students. HP is one of the most trusted brands in the laptop and computer industry. HP Envy 13 is a Windows laptop which is a bit more expensive than the other laptops I describe above in this article. The overall look of this laptop machine is super stylish as hell. It suits every bag and makes it more valuable. If we talk about the weight of HP Envy 13 and which is only 1.38Kg. This weight is easy to carry anywhere, even in classrooms and academies. 


It comes with 8GB LPDDR3-1866 SDRAM. It contains 512GB ROM which makes you able to store your research data and different kinds of your memories. The processor of this laptop machine is very powerful and it is supported by Intel Core i7 and 8th generation. 


The most amazing part of this laptop is the backlit keyboard which is my personal favourite on any laptop. It comes in multiple colours. We can customize and change these colours. Working on the laptop in the night with a backlit keyboard gave us peaceful vibes. 

Battery Capacity 

Whenever you decide to purchase a laptop machine for student life, then you shouldn’t compromise on the battery part, because it is damn important. HP Envy 13 has the ability to work more than 12 hours which is insane battery timing for every student. It means you can carry the laptop with you and be able to use it the whole day as well as you want.


Webcam is the most important hardware in laptops. Sometimes you need to buy an external webcam for video chatting or streaming, but in this machine, you don’t have to buy any special webcam. It has the most powerful and HD quality webcam which makes you able to live stream if you are a streamer. 

External Ports

In student life, you need many ports to connect different kinds of external hardware like print, gaming mouse, etc. So, in HP Envy 13 you will see many ports for USB, power cable, data transfer, and one headphone which is the most important port in laptop and PC. There is one Micro SD card reader also which allows you to connect an extra memory card. 

HP Elitebook 840 G1

HP Elitebook G1 840 is the perfect laptop for students. The overall look of this machine is the same as Macbook Air.

That’s why it looks so decent and increases the beauty of your study table. Many students are using this model to make their assignments and increase their productivity. Specs of HP 840 G1 are amazing and the best for every student. There is one con also in this laptop that it doesn’t have a backlit keyboard which is a bit little embarrassing. But apart from the keyboard, it is a perfect machine. 

It contains an Intel Core i5 and 4210U CPU and it processor of 1.70 GHz.

Operating System

It runs on the window 10 operating system which is the best operating system. Some laptops don’t work properly on window 10 due to lack of specs, but HP Elitebook G1 work very smoothly on this laptop. There are a lot of reasons why Windows 10 is perfect than other windows. It has lots of additional features. The most additional feature is its antivirus Microsoft Defender. While you have a Windows 10 operating system then you don’t need any antivirus because Microsoft Defender has enough power to detect virus threats and clean them. 


The touchpad of this laptop is very smooth of silver-grey colour. The keyboard is similar to Macbook Air with black colour while the other body like casing and touchpad has silver-grey colour. In HP Elitebook 840 G1 you will see buttons with Touchpad. Two buttons are located on the upper side of the touchpad and two are located under the touchpad. These buttons increase your working time and experience. The Upper and lower buttons perform the same operation.


Webcam is not much perfect for streaming and making videos but it is enough for video chatting with friends and relatives. 

Additional Buttons

It has additional buttons on the upper side of the keyboard. There are three buttons that save our time for a different purpose. The first one is the power button for ON/OFF which every laptop has on the top of the keyboard. On the other side, there are two buttons for Flight mode and mute/unmute the main speaker. So we can instantly perform these operations without a further do. 

Display size

It has 14 inches display for a better cinematic and working experience. The display size is good enough for the experience of the movies and it can play 1440p quality videos. You will not face any lag while playing the videos. It has an LED screen. Heat exhausters are also available in the form of a fan.

The back of the laptop is much easier to open and close for a clean laptop and RAM. So, you can open and close the batteries and whole interior with just a little effort. In HP G1 you can insert data SIM if you don’t have WiFi for an internet connection. The most amazing feature of this laptop is that it has a dual battery option. The first one is located in the interior of the back and the second battery is available outside of the back case. If you want to add a second battery then you must add an extra casing under the 2nd battery. 

So, that was my opinion about the best college laptop. Let us know how much you like this information. 

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