10 Best Android Emulators For Laptop and PC

There is a couple of reason to download android emulators on laptop and PC. Your PC must have an android emulator before you run any mobile software on the laptop and PC. Today I am going to share the 10 best android emulators for laptop and PC. These emulators are top emulators which allow you to run every type of androids app.

There are two types of android emulators available on the Internet. The first one is the free and second one is paid. It depends upon you which type of android emulator you want to use. Now let’s talk about the emulators and their features.

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Best Android Emulators for Laptop


PrimeOS is one of the most popular android emulators which provides you with the best desktop experience with android apps. You can play all types of games on your PC and laptop. Even you can play Pubg, Freefire, and Call of duty also without a graphic card.

PrimeOs is the best android emulator ever. You won’t see any error in this amazing android emulator. There is no doubt that PrimeOs is the best alternative to phoenix. You can download this emulator from the given link in this article and play games on your laptop and computer. PrimeOs is available on google also. PrimeOs is executable in all types of windows.


GameLoop is a free tool that helps you to run all types of android apps on your small laptop and PC. It helps you to download and play all types of high-level games on a laptop. I also use this emulator to play Pubg on my simple laptop with high-quality graphics.

Gameloop is the only emulator which provides you with all types of customization tools. Gameloop is created by Tencent studio. It helps every user to play games without high quality and expensive gaming setup. The smoothness of this emulator is on another level.

You can play games in this emulator very smoothly as well as you can. You just have to follow a few steps to play games in Gameloop. First of all, open the Gameloop and enter the name of the following that you want to play. You can say that Gameloop is one of the most advanced level android emulators on the internet.

Nox Player

Nox player is the most reliable android emulator for every type of laptop and PC. If you are playing games in Nox player then you can change the setting of game controls. There is a couple of reason why should you use the Nox player as an android emulator. So, the answer is its smoothness.

I would love to tell you that it can run every type of android app and game on your low-budget laptop and PC. Most useful thing is that you can use this emulator in your national language. Because there are lots of languages are available in this amazing software.

Once you install this software on your computer then you can play games on the big screen. Nox player is usable in almost every famous county. Bignox is the developer who made this masterpiece with advanced features.

LD Player

LD Player provides you very simple interface without any illusion. Every common user can understand this android emulator with ease. The stabilization of this emulator is incredible. You can customize this emulator’s setting as well as you want. You can say that Ld Player is a lightweight software and you can install it on every low-level PC and laptop.

In this emulator, you can play games with the help of your keyboard and mouse. You can enjoy a high level of graphics here. It allows you to perform multitasking. It means you can open and enjoy more than one app at a time. Ld Player can run on 2 GB ram with ease. It cost nothing to use it. You can enjoy this app for free.


MeMu Play is almost like another android emulator. You can install a lot of software in this android emulator. MeMu is more lightweight than other android emulators. Every user gives a positive review of this incredible software. Even you can play the world’s most famous game Pubg very easily in this android emulator.

After installing the game in MeMu software you can adjust game control as well as your wants. Here I want to add something that MeMu is free like other android emulators. I am damn sure that you will like this software and enjoy its features.


Andy is a new android emulator. It requires almost 3GB Ram and almost 20 GB on the hard drive in the computer to execute easily. Andy is not much famous as other android emulators but good for light-qualified laptops and PCs. Small gamers and Youtubers use this emulator for a better experience on fewer amount laptops and PC.

Phoenix OS

Here I want to add something that Phoenix OS is free like other android emulators. This is a very good emulator. It is one of the most famous and useful android emulators. The functionality of this android emulator is on another level. Most people think that Phoenix Os is the best emulator of all android emulators. It used very low space in your system and laptop.


KoPlayer also has a simple interface like another famous and popular android emulator. If you use Whatsapp on your laptop like mobile. Desktop Whatsapp can’t make audio and video calls to anyone. But if you want to use Whatsapp like mobile in laptop. Then, you must download an android emulator like KoPlayer. It will help you to make calls to anyone in audio and video format.

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is easy to use. Even every common person can use this android emulator very well with ease. You can install different difficult apps like Imo and Instagram also. There is no doubt about the perfection of this emulator. The technology of this emulator is designed very well for high-level gamers and users.


Bluestacks is the world’s no 1 android emulator and most useful. I use this emulator to play high-level games on my laptop like Pubg, FreeFire, and other heavy games. You can download this software from the given link for windows and Mac. Bluestacks is demanding software in online marketing. There is no chance of any lag in this emulator. You can customize your keyboard setting with the help of its features.

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